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About My Girl Genius

Hello and welcome to our little store! We're so glad you stopped by. Our goal at My Girl Genius is to create fun, engaging, science-themed products to get your little one interested in learning about the world around them. We love space, exploring, dinosaurs, computer programming and much more! We want to introduce a variety of science themes and concepts through engaging designs that you and your child will be proud to wear and use.

So come on in, have a look around, and stay awhile. And if you have any thoughts about how we can make our products even more engaging and fun, please let us know.

Designs by Sarah

Looking for unique designs? Interested in supporting budding new designers? Have we got the collection for you! This exquisite line of clothing is designed and hand-made by local Toronto designer Sarah Bywater. She creates whimsical clothing for your little explorer that is both comfortable and versatile. Have a peek at all her newest designs here.

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Kids Constellation T-Shirts


Many Many Mugs

Creator Series Adult Tees

Is Your Kid a Coding Genius in the Making?

While we're interested in outfitting you in some cool science-themed gear, it would also make us really happy if our site was a place you and your child came to learn as well! So we'd like to introduce you to our sister site, The After School Coding Club - a weekly newsletter that teaches a simple (and fun!) coding lesson in Scratch. It's suitable for almost any age so be sure to check it out and learn some fun coding skills!